How to choose the width of the TV stand?

How to choose the width of the TV stand?

TV seems to be inseparable element of every living-room. Hanging TV on the wall is a very common solution. But in case of the standing TV, you also have to purchase the TV stand or TV cabinet. How to choose the width of the TV stand to provide the safety and match the style of the room?

Safety and beautiful design

The width of a TV cabinet should be large enough to provide a space for TV prop. Otherwise there is a risk of a TV fall and malfunction. The furniture is not only for keeping up the TV. It also can be a decoration for your living room. Adequately long TV cabinet will hold not only a TV, but also other decorative items, such as flower vase, photo frame or a small sculpture. TV stand 200 cm is a great proposition. Long TV unit and matching adornments will make your room unique and less "raw".  An individual furniture should be easy on the eye, so modern TV stands are really worth to be considered. They are a fusion of minimalism, functionality and intriguing design.

Not only TV cabinets

TV cabinets are popular and often used as a base for the TV. They are valued for their size and solidity. What's more, they have inner space for storing documents or other handy stuff. Although you can let yourself experiment a little bit by choosing other furniture, functional and beautiful as well as the TV cabinets. Modern wall units or display cabinets also can be a base for your TV.

Arranging the TV with modern wall unit will create consistent and trendy arrangement. Moreover, wall unit guarantees a lot of storage space for decorations as well as electronic equipment, for example: set-top or games console. Besides that, it often include many drawers where you can store many things like board games for example. You can easily set on the wall unit some unusual decorations as LED lights. It will make your living room an extraordinary interior.

Chest of drawers as an alternative for TV cabinets

Chests of drawers are becoming more and more popular, beacause of their unique shape. They are relatively low, but very long and wide. They will be a safe place for your TV (especially for those with a large diagonal screen size) and decorations. Placing your TV on a low stand will enhance comfort of watching and will make your living room a modern interior. Although, in the chest of drawers there is not that much of a space, you still can store small things. If you decide to buy a low chest of drawers, you have a plenty of free space above it, where you can place a shelf - an additional storage space.
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