Grey high gloss furniture - why is it worth considering?

Grey high gloss furniture - why is it worth considering?

White, which is at the top of interior trends, has a strong rival. Grey gloss fronts are gaining more and more followers. What are the greatest advantages of grey gloss living room furniture? What kind of interiors they match?

Grey high gloss furniture - modern minimalism

Grey fronts are very universal. Firstly, they perfectly fit wooden floor as well as floor panels and carpet. Sometimes it takes a lot of time to match wooden fronts with the structure and tone of the floor. Grey gloss furniture looks attractive both with wooden floor and carpet.

Secondly, grey furniture can be a part of many styles, for example modern style, where designer furniture and raw forms reign. It is also a great proposition for glamour interiors - minimalistic cabinets harmonize with decorative, sometimes even baroque elements such as mirror frames or crystal chandeliers. Modern furniture sets can be equipped with classic handles, but they can also be modified by adding decorative, golden or crystal knobs. It will enhance glamour effect in your living room.

Other advantage of grey colour is that it blends in with the surroundings, it doesn't draw attention too much. It is important when it comes to arranging the TV corner. Modern TV cabinets with grey gloss fronts will be perfect for your living room, because their mild colour will not distract you during the film.

Which colours match grey gloss units for living room?

Modern grey gloss wall units for living room go well with black and white, but that's not all! Those who like accessories in vivid colours, can successfully combine grey and purple, red or blue. As an ornament we recommend fluffy carpets, curtains, pillowcases and armchair covers.

A good way to break monochrome trend in your apartment, is to choose upholstered furniture, for example: wing chair or stylish sofa. It is a good solution for people who doesn't change ornaments in the living room often. Red armchair will look great with grey furniture, but not so great with purple carpet at the same time.

While choosing grey living room furniture, you should pay attention to the sets with contrasting white top. This solution looks elegant and makes the room brighter. If you want display cabinets in your living room, you can choose those with LED lighting. It will enable to display contents of the cabinet in a very aesthetic way.
Living room furniture serves several years, so it is worth to choose solutions which give many arranging options. Like grey high gloss furniture.

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