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Flat packed furniture for self assembly.
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The product is available in color variants
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The product is available in color variants
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Fly Wall Unit

Are you looking for furniture which will help you organise your home space? Here's the Fly set, thanks to which you can not only organise small items, but also create an original interior design. It is characterized by a quite large capacity, making it a very practical solution for the home. If you are a fan of order and harmony, this set will be great for you.

All the furniture in the set is wall mounted, which gives it a lightweight look, and at the same time makes cleaning easier. Thanks to the use of laminated boards they look stylish and modern. Depending on your preferences, you can choose fronts in many colour options, including a variant which perfectly imitates natural wood. The body of the furniture itself can be in the shade of classic black or alpine white.

The furniture set consists of many elements that will help you arrange various little things in a proper way. You can place, for example, a console or games in the hanging TV cabinets, the shelves are perfect for displaying photos or travel souvenirs. They will successfully help you create a fancy composition that will give your living room a unique character and a cozy look.


Elegant and economical in form, the furniture looks perfect in modern-style interiors. It's a great pick for those interested in Scandinavian arrangements. Undoubtedly, they will also beautify cosy industrial flats. They will also perfectly fit into minimalist decor, which is characterised by harmony, spaciousness and order.

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Width: 200cm
Depth: 41cm
Max screen size: 50''

Additional information

Weight: 90 kg
Number of packages: 4
Transport: GLS
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