TV in the living room: find the best place for your TV!

TV in the living room: find the best place for your TV!

They say that living room is the heart of every home. It is also a room, where we spend the most of our spare time. Then, it is no surprise that everybody wants to make their living room as attractive as possible. One of the inseparable elements of a living room is a television. In this blog post we advise you, where is the best place to put your TV.

TV in the living room: hung on the wall or put on the TV stand?

Are you arranging the living room in your new flat or house? Maybe you are planning a makeover? In both cases this post is for you! We will tell you, how high you should hang your TV. We will also suggest you, where you should put your TV, if you've decided to buy a TV stand.

Hang or put? Generally, it is better to hang the TV, if its large and your living room isn't very spacious. Then the TV will take up not that much space. TV cabinets are better option, if you want to make your TV a part of the rest arrangement.

TV in the living room hung on the wall

If you want to hang your TV on the wall, first make sure that you have necessary accessories such as: handle, mounting screws and tools. TV stand is a good choice, if you watch TV rather occasionally. So you can hide the TV in this kind of cabinet.

How high should I hang my TV in the living room? It depends on:

  • Size of the TV,
  • Size of the living room,
  • Distance of the viewers.

To ensure yourself and the rest of your household the best experience, your TV should be hung at the 3,2-3,6 ft from the ground. It is the average height of viewers' sigth. You should also keep in mind that the bigger your TV is, the bigger distance from the viewers should be.

Where to put your TV?

If you don't want to hang the TV on the wall, you can put it on a TV stand. This kind of furniture is a great completion of the whole arrangerment. It is also an additional storage space for such things as electronical equipment. The best place for your TV is in front of the sofa, armchairs etc. We advise against putting the TV opposite the windows, because during the day sun reflections could interfere with comfortable watching. Window blinds solve this problem. Another bad option for your TV is a place near the source of a heat: a heater or a fireplace. It could negatively impact the TV, even cause its malfunction.

We hope that thanks to our post, you know, where to put your TV. If you are looking for a TV cabinets, visit our store with modern furniture! We offer not only individual display cabinets, but also the living room furniture sets. We do our best to offer trendy furniture which meets various tastes. That's why we propose matt or high gloss fronts. You're more than welcome to visit our online store - Extreme Furniture.