Brown TV cabinets – timeless element of the arrangement

Brown TV cabinets – timeless element of the arrangement

Today’s trends in interiors arranging favour the bright colours such as: white, grey and pastels. Dark, brown furniture also occupy an important place in the arranging homes and flats. It gives the room elegance and classy appearance. It will work best in the big space – for example in the living-room. 

How to arrange a living-room with the brown TV cabinet? 

When opting for the dark furniture for a living-room, you need to match them to the colour of the walls and floor. Brown elements of the interior will look nice with the beige or grey background. You can also choose pastel colours to make your room appears more light. The colour of the floor should be bright and harmonize with the colour of the walls.

Decorating your living-room this way, you should make sure that you have enough space for brown furniture – you want to avoid the overwhelming effect. Gold and copper accessories will perfectly match brown TV cabinet.

Which cabinets to choose?

Individual cabinets are very fashionable lately. With them your room still can be spacious, functional and comfortable. 

Dark TV cabinets will be a perfect choice for minimalistic and loft-style interiors. You should also consider purchase of glass-case or dresser. They are very elegant and they will provide a space to store things such as:  CDs collection or game console.

Accessories for brown cabinets 

Transparent, shining and lighting accessories will be an ideal combination with the dark furniture. Your living-room will look great with transparent vases, crystal trinkets or bright lamps with gold stand. Shimmering candlestick set on the table or satin cushions placed on a sofa will be also a great complement for a living-room with the dark furniture.
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